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Body Wrap Instructions

Product Instructions

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Complete or Partial Body Wrap Instructions

Natural clay wraps have been used for thousands of years.  It is well documented that the natural consistency of these types of clay has significant benefits when used both internally and externally. Montmorillon clay originates from Montmorillon in France and is sometimes referred to as Bentonite clay.

How it works

Bentonite clay molecules carry a negative electrical charge while toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other impurities carry a positive charge. When the clay is taken into the human body, the positively charged toxins are attracted to the negatively charged surfaces of the clay molecule. The clay molecule acts like a magnet, attracting and holding the toxins and impurities to its surface, and removing them when the clay is removed or expelled.

Requirements:  Under ideal conditions the following components are required for a body wrap.  However those items with an * are NOT absolutely necessary

1, Massage Table* 2. Inch Loss Bandages (full wrap 12 bandages)
3. Disposable underwear (2 pairs*) or 2 piece swim suit 4. Body Wrap Foil Blanket
5. Montmorillon Body Wrap Clay 6. Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion
7. Cotton Robe 8. Exfoliating cream or Dry Body Brush
9. Plastic tape measure 10. Body measurement progress chart
11. Waterproof felt tip marker

Before carrying out a body wrap, enough time should be set aside for the treatment.  It will take approximately 90 minutes to complete the treatment, but the actual time in the wrap should be 60 minutes.

Pre-wrap preparation

You can use either a dry brush technique or exfoliating cream to exfoliate the treatment area.  Your skin is the largest organ which plays a very important part in your health.  As the skin is consistently changing a continual layer of dead cells lay on the surface of the skin.  In order to achieve the best results dry skin brushing or exfoliating cream will rid the body of these dry cells.  Either of the below mentioned techniques will assist in the body wrap process.

  1. Dry body brushing helps our lymphatic drainage system to eliminate toxins and reduce cellulite. Other benefits from dry brushing include: lightening the skin, helping digestion, increasing cell rejuvenation, improving the immune system, etc.
  2. Exfoliating cream when applied to the skin will assist in the removal of dead cells, leaving the skin glowing and smooth to the touch

Where to wrap

  • Decide what treatment areas you wish to wrap. This could be your legs, arms, thighs, neck, hips or full body.  See treatment chart provided!
  • It is very important that your skin has been thoroughly cleaned. This can be achieved in various ways, such as: Body brush, exfoliate, cleansing lotion, shower
  • Ensure you have enough bandages and clay to begin the treatment

Measuring the treatment site

  • Select an area to be treated
  • The tape measure should be wrapped firmly on dry skin, however ensure that the measure is not too tight.
  • Using the recording chart provided record your measurements by wrapping the measure around the treatment area. Using the marker pen make a mark above and below the tape measure.  Muscles should be relaxed at time of measurement and remember to breathe normally.
  • Recommended areas for treatment.
Thighs Measure and mark mid thigh area on each leg
Hip Measure and mark widest part of the hips.  Stand with your legs closed and measure just above the groin area.
Stomach Measure and mark just below the naval
Waist Measure and mark the mid section which is just above the hips
Rib cage Measure and mark the widest part of the rib cage
Arms Measure and mark in the middle between the elbow and shoulder
Chin Wrap the tape measure around the chin to the top of the head.  Mark the area at the centre of the chin with the marker pen.


  • Remove a small amount of clay from the tub
  • Smooth a thin layer of clay on to the skin approximately 2mm thick
  • You will notice that the clay will quickly absorb into the skin. This is quite normal!
  • Continue to smooth the clay over the whole area to be treated
  • The clay should be applied from the lowest part of the treatment site upwards towards the heart. As an example when treating the arms from the wrist to the shoulder

After a short period of time the treated area may become pink, this is a normal reaction to the product and is quite natural.  Some warming and tightening may also be felt.  Once again this is normal.

Do not apply the clay to sensitive areas such as the genitalia and breasts

Do not use, if you are under any prescribed medication or you are pregnant

Carrying out your body wrap

  • Ideally women should wear a two piece swimsuit or underwear and men should wear bathing shorts or underpants
  • Using body wrap bandages significantly assists in the clay to absorb deep into the skin giving superb results in 60 minutes.
  • For best results apply the bandages on the lowest part of the body and work upwards. This technique will help push the skin upwards.
  • Hold the bandage in one hand and use the first single wrap to hold the bandage in place. Work in an upwards motion.  On completion of the first bandage wrap, simply tuck the end underneath the existing bandage.
  • Ensure that you do not wrap the bandage too tightly as this may cut off circulation
  • Leave the wrap on for a maximum of 60 minutes



Chill out time

  • When you have finished the wrap put on a robe and if available wrap yourself in a foil blanket. Just chill out in a chair or lie down and read a magazine.  Do not exert yourself as this may be counterproductive.

Post wrap treatment

  • Simply remove the bandages in the reverse order in which they were originally wrapped.
  • Re-measure all of the areas that were previously marked and take one measurement from the other
  • Add up all of the figures and this will give a total inch-loss figure

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